Do you need a professional email?

It’s a small ask but it sends a message to your customers that you care and have invested in your business. – plus its easy to remember so continued contact with your clients should increase.

Any business small or especially big should invest a small amount towards having a personalised email address (

1. Get a Domain name and hosting services.

First you want to either set up your hosting services or get a domain to set one up with. Domain registrars like Namecheap or 123-reg are a good place to start. IF you need help, Kelp can sort this out for you using our preferred provider.

Secondly, you want to either host them directly on your server or pay a small fee to the likes of Google Business / Workspace to manage your emails for you.

2. Google Workspace / Business email address

Google Workspace is our preferred provider for emails, they have an extremely large mailbox so no need to constantly delete your emails. With this it also frees up your hosting server to help keep your website fast.

The reason this is our preferred method is due to the familiarity of the mailbox, the ease of setting it up on a range of devices and – most importantly – their spam filtering is dominates any other providers.

With the Google workspace it also offers you a large cloud storage with Google Drive for you to upload photos, videos, business documents via Google doc and Google Sheets, a Calendar and many more of googles easy to use services.

Here is how you get your professional business email using Google Workspace…

  • Register a domain name
  • Set up a Google Workspace Plan (from £4.60pm)
  • Verify your domain with Google / your domain registrars.
  • Create your user accounts using your new email (


To help with the set up you can find the pricing page here where you select your package

Visit Google Workspace


If you need help or require 10% discount with Google Workspace then please get in touch and we can send you a discount code.

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