A better Google presence

A 7 step guide you should have on your website before launch to help with google listing your website.

1. Good web development/design principles conforming to W3C standards.

This includes correct use of titles, paragraphs, font sizes for users who may be visually impaired, correct web structure / code to hold your content, correct image formats / videos to prevent major slow load times and many more,

2. Google Search Console

The first port of call once your website is live – submit your site map and let google know your site is live and ready for them to crawl.

3. Google Analytics

To record the data gained from visitors to your website. The purpose of analytics is to give an insight into what the user expects from your site or how the user has accessed the site.

4. Google Tag Manager

Tag manager works hand in hand with google analytics. Its purpose is to set up triggers to track specific actions on your website e.g. click on email link, telephone etc

5. Update Meta data or use plugins like Yoast to help

This information is what Google will display on their search engine, it also helps for search terms, locations, page data, search data and much more. An essential factor to refine your Google presence.

6. Have a blog

Google loves seeing that your site is active. With a blog you are telling google that you constantly update your users with new information therefore will help towards your rankings over non blog users.

7. Make sure you website content is unique

Again with Google, but they love seeing unique content that can’t be found anywhere else on the web. This means write descriptions in your own words and no copy & pasting.